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What We Are

One planet. Numerous people.

A universal family we inseparably belong to. A home we invariably share.

We inherited a beautiful world – a beauty that deserves to live on… for generations gone by and for generations yet to come.


eSaviours thrives to preserve this beauty – in all its prosperity, in all its grandeur. How? Through revival of a concept that is fundamental to our being – ‘We ARE nature’. Neither a product of it, nor just a part. We are natural through and through. So nourishing one ensures nourishing the other.


Recipes dating back to ancient Ayurveda synergised with extensive modern research. Ingredients that are raw and natural to their core. Concepts that are fundamental yet effective. Beliefs that are simple yet powerful.

An entire range that has been uniquely handcrafted – to nurture your body and to complement the environment.


eSaviours – presenting an ideology that makes you proud, presenting products that make you a Saviour.