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Procurement –  Purity in thought manifests into purity in actions. Jitender Malik believes natural and authentic products are key to save the planet and bridge the gap between consumers and producers. Having identified his role in it, he has taken up the gauntlet to make good of his 25 years of experience in the field of procurement. He is set on connecting with like minded people from across the country and procure the most organic of products.

Product development – Creativity is looking at a swamp and envisioning the river that it used to be. Driven by the passion to revive the planet’s glory and create awareness about mankind’s role in it,  Nikita Kandwal left NIFT and opted to paint the world all the colors of sustainability she knows.

Content – To write about reality as it is. To build a reality which can be written about. Savani Gupta and Richa Sharma are dedicated towards putting their words to the best use possible – to reach out to people and create awareness about a cause which is fundamental, universal and imbibed within us as a human race.

Transparency. Honesty. Authenticity. With these principles etched deeply in her heart, Neeti Srivastava is in for the long haul to execute her vision. She believes lifting the veil of duplicity and uprooting exploitation from its core is the only way to garner a healthier consumer – producer relationship. Having taken a firm hold of the baton of sustainability, she wishes to reach out to humanity and expand her family of Saviours.